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Munic Gems: well-established rough diamond player with expanding manufacturing & jewellery initiatives

Founded in 1988, Munic Gems became Belgium’s largest exporter in 2004 by volume, having exported 12M cts.

Headquartered in Antwerp with offices in Dubai, India & Africa

Deep understanding and specialist in near-gem rough:

Adding value and competitive advantage with rough expertise, infrastructure and distribution networks

Manufacturing ~70% of rough in-house/JV/contractors, trading the balance with Indian manufacturers


The Group has continued to enhance its business over the past couple of years

Manufacturing growth

Continued transition from rough trading to near-gem manufacturer

New manufacturing facility
Continuing to specialize in lower-end materials including rejections, small browns and small MBCL.
Some 10.8ct+ (larger stone) capabilities upon customer demand

De-leveraged & strengthened balance sheet

Securing new facilities, but at the same time reduced old bank debt; greater reliance on equity funding.

Creating value in downstream initiatives

Launching Rose d'Anvers, a new consumer product


Each manufacturing facility specialises in particular areas of rough

Near‐gem is complicated to manufacture. Experience and specialisation provides a competitive advantage

Skilled, cost effective labour is also key to commercial feasibility

Each factory specialises in rough of particular size and quality characteristics

Enhanced manufacturing efficiency; workers develop skills in designing and polishing the rough

Some rough is manufactured into specialist products, including rose cuts, generating profitability

Combination of in‐house, joint venture and contract manufacturing. Demand for smaller, cheaper polished is more seasonal than larger sizes, flexible capacity is an important part of our competitive advantage


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